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John Lennon - Somewhere In New York City (The Un-Telecast Performances)

Publisher: Voxx
Reference :VOXX-0006-01
Date :2000

01. The Luck Of The Irish / Tuning /
    New York City / Guitar Riffs       with some various guitar riffs
02. The Luck Of The Irish              rehearsals
03. The Luck Of The Irish              fast version
04. The Luck Of The Irish              slow version
05. The Luck Of The Irish              ending
06. Studio Talk                        lyrics discussion and instruments setup
07. The Luck Of The Irish              practice take, false start
08. The Luck Of The Irish              Take 1, complete
09. The Luck Of The Irish              Take 2, breakdown
10. The Luck Of The Irish              Take 3, final take

11. Well (Baby Please Don't Go)        Live at Filmore East, NYC - 6 June 1971
12. Jamrag
13. Scumbag
14. Au

15. Attica State / Touring For Free    John singing a demo of "Attica State"
                                       for the TV programme 'Aquarius'

16. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World   Electric versions for ABC TV programme
17. Fools Like Me                      "Eyewitness News" with Geraldo Rivera.
18. Caribbean

Tracks 1-10:   Rehearsals and demos of "Luck Of The Irish" from 17 minutes
               homemade video (using a b&w "open-reel" Sony video recording
               machine) titled "Luck Of The Irish - A Video Tape By John
               Reilly". Recorded at 105 Bank Street, Greenwich Village,
               New York City, NY - November 12, 1971.
Tracks 11-14:  Unedited master tapes of John & Yoko with Frank Zappa and
               The Mothers Of Invention live at Filmore East, New York
               City, NY - June 6, 1971
Track 15:      A two men crew from London Weekend Television in England visit
               the Lennons in their appartment in Greenwich Village for an
               appearance on AQUARIUS (the theme is "The Pursuit Of Happiness
               in Modern-Day America"). John singing a demo of "Attica State",
               but performance breaks down before he can't remember the last
               verse. Then John & Yoko explain why they plan to tour for free
               and to send the money to prisoners.
               Recorded on February 28, 1972 and broacast on March 11, 1972.
Tracks 16-18:  Unaired performances for "Eyewitness News" TV special hosted
               by Geraldo Rivera featuring the Lennons searching for Kyoko.
               The 3 acoustic songs here are played on ELECTRIC guitar.
               Recorded at their hotel in Los Angeles, CA - August 5, 1972.

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